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Saturday, June 17, 2017

What Americans Want (and need):

-universal, affordable, health care. Just like CongressCare-the kind we taxpayers pay for members of Congress to have!  Tell Congress you want, and demand, CongressCare. And that, if we all do not get it, neither will they.  See how fast they end their 75 year debate and finally give Americans what people in the rest of the civilized world (and members of Congress) enjoy.

-tax cuts. Big ones. After all, we haven't had decent, if any, raises in wages or Social Security or retirement incomes in decades. Why should our taxes keep going UP?  Besides, we know how to spend our own money better than Congress does. And we will.

-fair trade and decent jobs, benefits and retirements. A decent standard of living for all Americans.  Trump promised to end false and unfair trade. Help America and Americans. Stop currency manipulation by China and others. BRING BACK Americans' jobs sent overseas by WTO and NAFTA - trade agreements signed and poorly negotiated by Bill Clinton and agreed to, in effect, by members of Congress decades ago.
Problem is: our trading "partners" buy almost nothing from us and after accounting for this and its economic impact, as well as for allowing 20 million illegal aliens to come live here when legal residents cannot live here in the prosperity we once enjoyed, we now know that adding to our personal finances, family incomes and ability to pay for education and health and for a clean environment as well as financing Social Security adequately has become impossible. That's because millions of the jobs we used to have here, the millions of jobs that once financed decent government and decent standards of living, plus retirement incomes many of us could live on, -these jobs are now offshore. Overseas. Someone else has them. And so the piddly amounts we all once paid into for Social Security and Medicare and for private retirement plans as well as for some health care which employers paid for, are not even being collected.  No wonder we no longer have decent wages, adequate Social Security and decent retirement plans, jobs for our high school and college kids. Local, state and federal tax bases that once delivered needed revenues to defend our country, educate our kids, improve roads and bridges and invest in industrial parks and a clean environment - now a federal and state and local governments going broke, along with millions of Americans.   Not a good economic plan, Congress. And one that has been more than lame for the past 40 years.

-fair and free elections (again). Unencumbered by money from billlionaires, let alone - supposedly - influence by the Russkies!  Imagine. Congress expects Americans to be more concerned about some foreign nation interfering with our elections when we all know that the end result is and has been and continues to be more dysfunction, more gridlock, more polarization, more GOTCHA government, instead of one of, by and for the People!
Besides the fact that someone - could it have been Congress? State legislators? - mandated all voting take place digitally - on what are essentially 'hackable' computers?  At least in the old days, when voting machines were mechanical, bribes were the predominant method of influencing the outcome of elections - and were much easier to discover, deter and act upon.    

No wonder our federal, personal and state and student loan debt burdens continue to grow into the trillions of dollars!  Nobody's working and those who are, do not earn enough to live on nor to save enough for rainy days or for retirement.

So hello Congress!  When you gonna correct all this and bring OUR jobs and standards of living and family incomes and decent, affordable health care and retirements and state and federal tax bases back?

We all know your answer: Never.
Here's ours: So we will soon elect YOU out of office. Get a real job. Like us. Min. wage, no benefits, no retirement.
You've been lying for too long. Collecting an annual income 10 times what average Americans earn - with benefits. But work only 100 days? Who works for someone, refuses to do what their employers tell them to do, cry about being dysfunctional, claim they have no money - pretending they have no clue that they are responsible for this - and then only work one-third of the time we hired them to work for us?

No wonder political polls determined some time ago that Americans' approval rating of members of Congress is less than that for cockroaches.

Why Should We Vote for You? We should not and will not.

June 17th, 2017

Why Congress Still Sucks: Maybe it's got something to do with US?

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Keep trying America. Democracy is easy. As Ralph Nader says, 'It's all about showing up."  When it's time to vote. When it's time to get someone you trust to run for office - and to then support him/her. And after the elections, keeping in touch with issues important to you and letting your reps know you are and what you expect by calling, emailing, writing - and getting your family and friends to do the same thing.

Here's a picture for you:

Image result for us veterans' cemeteries in France, public domain

They fought for our freedom in France and around the world. And for democracy. Maybe you can make the effort to be a better citizen and exercise your rights more often and hold those we elect to doing a better job - for us, and for all those who gave their lives to protect your life, and our way of life: freedom and democracy.

Don't like Congress?  Vote them out of office. Run against them. Get someone else nominated instead of the same old incumbents.  Our veterans did not fight and die to let our freedoms and government go stale.   Step Up America. Do YOUR duty - as a person, As a citizen.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Why Should We Vote for You & other Incumbents Congressman Larson?

So Why Should We Vote for You, Congressman Larson, and all other Incumbents in Congress? 

Only 110 days members of Congress worked this year, a still-failing health care system, 450,000 dead Syrians and another 2 million homeless refugees from Syria and the Middle East 4 years after Obama drew his line in the sand there, and still no real jobs nor increased personal incomes for most Americans?

Could the FOLLOWING have something to do with it Congressman Larson->  ?

(from Open Secrets at:   ) -->

Top 20 Contributors, 2015-2016

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Representative John B Larson has reported a total of 417 contributions ($200 or more) totaling $299,102 in the current cycle. Search

Top 20 Contributors to Campaign Cmte and Leadership PAC

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why Should We Vote for You?

What the Why Should We Vote for You blog is about?

   OUR new blog, Why Should We Vote for You? - is dedicated to all Americans who really wish to hold their elected officials, and those who seek to be elected, accountable for past or promised actions and to help measure the responsiveness to the needs of average citizens instead of to the usual lobbyists, PACs, and special interests.

   This blog hopes to complement a new website, whose goals are similar: better accountability for a better government!

   Also, we hope to be 'spilling the beans' and reporting on actions or inaction from our politicians anyone with a sound mind and fair attitude would and should object to. So this blog will report on these and expect and welcome people to participate and object - to their elected officials first, then here.

Is this Blog just for Liberals, or Conservatives, Dems or Republicans or - WHO?

   Anyone of any party or other affiliation, or anyone who is unaffiliated or independent or even a non-voter is welcome to post any thoughts or comments so long as they relate to current or recent political issues and events and people and so long as they are in good taste (ie, not obscene) and must comply with the terms of use for these and most blogs. 

   It's and election year in America - at least on in which all the seats in our US House are again up again for a vote, and one-third of our Senate, and of course, the Office of President. We voters have a lot to complain about, and to call on incumbents and challengers to make responsible comments and take appropriate action to:

-increase employment opportunities - good jobs and benefits - for all Americans;
-halt the nonsensical foreclosures by any and all banks and help those families and individuals who have lost their homes;
-insure we ALL have affordable, quality health care regardless of court challenges with no more Congressional gridlock;
-stop Congressional gridlock;
-halt the double dealing by members of Congress - insuring they abide by the same laws they expect us all to abide by;
-end war-making and other actions that exceed the limits of legal power outlined in our Constitution;
-stop wasting our money;
-start protecting Americans from the HUGE price swings and adverse economic consequences of high oil and gasoline and heating and electricity prices;
-bring good jobs and industries back from overseas now;
-help college students reduce their huge debts and enable them to find and begin new careers or to pursue graduate, law and medical careers without having to shoulder unbearable financial burdens.

Importantly, we all ask: Who Should We Hold Accountable? 

   The answer is simple: We should all hold accountable those people who are running for President and for seats in Congress this year, as well as for offices at the state and local levels. We all can and should take a long look at their records - from their own websites at , or at and a - for personal and campaign finance information, and in regional, local and national newspapers ( , , and media. In the final analysis, we need also to hold ourselves accountable for the lousy government we have allowed to fester for so long. It's time to take a more active role not only in who gets elected and when but also what goes on AFTER our elections. For this we might wish to utilize  and other various websites and resources we are inclined to consult and read/review.

So What - We Try to Hold Those Running for, and IN Elected Office. Will they Respond?

   Some politicians will get the message; some may not, but unless they start hearing from us all - those of us trying to make ends meet, trying to weather this economy and the poor leadership of the past several years - at all levels of governments, unless they feel our concern, things will get worse, and unless we throw a few of them out of office, things will get worse: worse economy for average Americans, fewer good jobs, more homes lost, a non-responsive federal and state governments, higher prices for oil and gasoline, unaffordable college and education, exported industries and jobs. You get the idea.